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tango11Although we do perform locally and beyond, we are a SOCIAL Argentine Tango Club.  You should expect safe dancing with a friendly crowd at our events.  Performance tango is not restricted in space; social tango is.  With social dancing, you are dancing not only with your partner, but with the other dancers on the floor.  To maximize fun for all, good milonga etiquette and respect for other dancers is expected.  Although most events are free we expect visitors to support the venues in some small way. We want our events to be fun for all. ANY SOLICITATION of any kind will be discouraged.

We recommend you join Augusta Tango Club Facebook Group for updates on our activities.  Events in other cities can be found on web sites such as Yahoo news groups, Facebook, and other sites.  By far the biggest community in the Southeast is Atlanta Ga .  We recommend you sign up for the Atlanta, Ga Yahoo Newsgroup Tango_GA for notices on dances and instruction.  Many other city organizers post their events here also.  We enthusiastically encourage our members to get instruction from a wide variety of instructors, both regional and invited touring instructors.  This is the way to grow your skills and support other organizations and communities.  We regularly attend milongas in Atlanta, Charlotte, Asheville, and the Triangle N.C. area.  We will post these events on our calendar.