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ATC Mission and Purpose

Providing a connection through Tango!


To celebrate, encourage, and support all aspects of Argentine Tango, as a social dance, in the Central Savannah River Area and Tango Dancer communities in the Southeast in general. Augusta Tango Club is oriented toward a diverse, non-professional audience promoting a congenial social environment.


1. To provide a setting, in the CSRA, where members may regularly meet to learn, practice, perform, and otherwise enjoy Argentine Tango dancing, music, and culture.

2. To promote the interest, support growth, and involvement of its members and the public in Argentine Tango by conducting some or all of the following activities:

Holding dances, functions, and meetings on a regularly scheduled basis to increase membership, maintain, and expand the participation of members.

3. To encourage members to take lessons to improve their dancing from a variety of teachers and instructors. CSRA ATC Member instructors and studios can make Tango-related announcements at our publicity resources and events. Otherwise, solicitation, in any way, will be discouraged. All teachers and students from any or all studios are welcome to attend dances. Respect for your partner and other dancers is not optional it’s mandatory.

4. To foster a congenial positive atmosphere where all in attendance feel welcome.