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ATC to Miami Dec 2014

Miami Tango vacation December 2104:

We’ve had some folks say they want information on our Miami/Tango trip. We found milongas via http://tangomango.org. . There’s other websites. http://floridadancevacations.com has other dance options.

Dec 14 3:00 Arrive Titusville, Florida. Planning on meeting Cris and Julie Lemion for dinner then we head to a milonga (December’s Milonga del Panadero).

Dec 14 9:30 am –Driving to the milonga we ran into the Titusville Christmas parade and got redirected south (opposite direction of where we wanted to go).

Finally made it to the restaurant Chops and the milonga was right next door.   We were there early enough for the lesson with Richard Council. Nice lesson and picked up a few things.

The milonga was well attended and really amazing since there is only one tango couple living in Titusville. These guys were traveling from all over the state!! Video will be on Augusta Tango Club Facebook Group.

Dec 15th 11:15 am (Monday) Went to La Ideal milonga in Hallandale Fla. Sunday night. They had a milonoga lesson going on with Milena (Jorge Nel partner). Milonga started about 8:15 with a lot of beginnerish dancers. Many tables were reserved so we sat on the side. More seasoned dancers came later. About 11:00 very good dancing going on.   At the end the crowd was totally different. Big dance floor with buffet and empanadas available. Bar on site.   This milonga was highly recommended…and we saw why!

Dec 17 8:45 am Went to Milonga Guacha last night in little Havana (Miami). Lesson started 8:30 with Mariano Bejarano and Chantal. Nice lesson. Milonga went till 12:10a.m.. Excellent dancers and FUN friendly crowd provided a lot of energy. Seemed like everybody was from somewhere else Venezuela, Buenos Aires, Colombia, Quebec, Canada, Aruba, and many others.   Milonga is held at Cubaocho, an intimate and lovely space filled with Cuban art. Bar on site. Another highly recommended milonga.

Dec 19th 10:57am   Went to a milonga at VK Dance Studio in North Miami last night. This is a new milonga by Diego Santana.   Attendance was light, possibly because it is new, however there were some very good dancers present. And Raquel shoes were available!! Traffic to the milonga, or to anywhere in the greater Miami/Ft. Lauderdale/ W Palm Beach area is a nightmare. Around 8 p.m. the traffic thins and you can get to places in less time.

Dec 29th 10:23am Went to Milonga “La Pituca” by Manny and Fabiola. EXCELLENT! Milonga. Maybe it was because of the guys we sat with?? Very jovial and welcoming group. The news about normalizing relations with Cuba was a big topic for jokes. Huge greeting from the organizers Manny and Fabiola.

==>INTERESTINGLY ,you could email a song list for a tanda at the milonga and they would play it. The level of dance was excellent. Music Excellent, tradtional with Latin tandas mixed in (Salsa, Cha Cha, etc) They also had a chacarera set!

Dec 21st 11:00 am   We went to Chiqui’s Milonga at American Finnish Club (Lake Worth). Again many tables were reserved. The milonga started slow but moved along as more dancers arrived. This milonga reminded me of neighborhood (barrio) milongas we experience in BA. For a lot of attendees, it looked like the thing to do on Saturday night. Diane got dances but looked like most folks danced with their friends. Very enjoyable milonga. Crowd started leaving about 12:00 (midnight).

In summary: Miami was very enjoyable but the traffic was terrible. The level of dance generally was high. Music 98% classic or modern orchestra playing classic.. Some milongas had tandas of latin music and/or swing music (like we experienced in BA).

If we go back we’ll choose hotels that are closer to the things we want to do ,therefore less driving.

If you want dances, be friendly yourself. I used the walking cabeceo generally. Diane danced a lot.

Although most milonga organizers were friendly and welcoming, don’t wait for others to greet you; go introduce yourself! Compliment good dancers! They are much more likely to dance with you.

We did a video of all the milongas we attended so check Augusta Tango Club facebook group to see them.