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Elizabeth’s Journey Chapter 1

The first things I think about when I think of tango are: 

Trust (in yourself and your partner)

I believe as human beings, we are always yearning for something. Ever since becoming an adult, I have always felt something missing in my life. I tried putting my passion in other things, such as relationships and my career. I always fell short. Oftentimes I would imagine my heart being in a cage begging to come out, pleading its case to the jury.
…then something marvelous happened.

When I felt lost in the dark, there was a tiny voice. A voice telling me “Don’t give up.” “Keep going.” “Surround yourself with better friends, better people.” I took action. With our modern day and age, there is always an app for everything. I happened to come across Meetup and I saw a bunch of groups and events on there. I knew I was heading in the right direction. After looking through several groups, I saw a meetup at Soy Noodle for tango. My first thought “Hmm, I never once thought of doing the tango, why not give it a shot?” I instantly messaged the administrator (Steve) and began asking a billion questions. “Do I need to have experience to part of the meet up?” “Do I have to be a registered member?” Steve was so warm and welcoming he told me to stop by.

I’m not going to lie; I’m a pretty socially awkward person when I first meet people. Sometimes my introvert and extrovert like to battle it out. I sat and observed. I first noticed how there were many people from different backgrounds and cultures there. This was nice because I felt it was a place that diversity was important and appreciated. There was no mold that you had to fit into to be part of this group. I was certain after my first meet up, that I was able to make my mark somehow.

Happiness is a combination of pleasure and purpose. People go through their lives wondering what their purpose is and sometimes feel they fail at finding one. And maybe that’s their problem. Who says you only have one purpose? When you’re a parent, it is pretty obvious on what your primary purpose is, but yet again, who says you can’t have many? Isn’t that the beauty of life? You have the power to define yourself and the world around you, not the other way around. I have been asked countless times how I balance my life being a mother, a woman, and a career woman. I always simply reply “God and my planner.” People sit and wait for life to happen. To be happy, you have to make life happen.

When I first started taking the classes, I started to realize how difficult this dance was. I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t feel discouraged. Negative emotions are going to happen. It is what you do with these emotions that make a difference. Thoughts like “I’m never going to get this down.” “Everyone makes it look so easy.” Perseverance and support are the magical ingredients, my friend.  I cannot say I did it on my own. I feel that I have the best instructors as well as the best teammates a person can ask for. Steve and Diane have passion that is so admirable and contagious. Because of their charisma, support, and vision, I charge on.  

I recall having such a hard time learning the first position as a follower. How do I keep my foot behind the other foot while keeping my leg straight but my hip down? After practice and more practice, and a little mediation, I had a breakthrough. I finally got the stance down! Steve and Diane were ecstatic! This is probably my fondest memory in tango thus far. Even simply recalling it brings tears to my eyes. That is what keeps me going.
“Those who celebrate the small victories and simple pleasures win the game over and over again.”  – Unknown
My friends thank you for taking the time to read this today. I’m looking forward to continuing this journey and sharing my experiences with you.

Live, breathe, and tango on 

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