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Liz Journey “The Embrace”


We come together like a door.

And like all doors, an experience is waiting on the other side.

We come together like hinges.

Starting one side, we arrive together and then close on the other.

I place my hand in his hand, ready to embark on this journey.

I breathe a deep breath. He follows.

For a second, I hear nothing but my heart beating.


the music becomes as alive as your soul.

We walk. Slowly. My chest against his.

We pause and I bury myself in him.

My eyes closed, not in fear, but in trust.

Our strides become our breathing.

The music becomes my heart.

The floor becomes my livelihood.

My partner becomes my sun.

No longer are we leader and follower, we are artists.

Partners in this mastery of dance.

We paint our way through the universe,

Lighting every constellation as we go.

The music ends.

We part ways because tango is borrowed.

Whenever we catch glimpse of each other, we remember.

We remember the time we glided through the galaxies .

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