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Meet The Instructors


Steve & Diane Neely

Steve and Diane Neely  (706 564 5847) In the late 1990’s, while working in Puerto Rico, Steve encountered Salsa.  Diane had wanted him to start dancing for years, but when he saw Salsa he got interested (“I don’t know what that is but if I’m going to dance—I want to do that”).  Back on the mainland, Steve and Diane became regulars in the local Salsa scene.  They began their interest in Argentine Tango a few years later at a local Ballroom Studio.  Click Here

Catherine Ryder (808 283-8733) has been dancing tango since 2007. CatDJSoyNoodleShe first began taking classes on Maui, while in massage school. She was active in the Maui Tango community for about 7 years, as well as in the Swing, Blues, and Latin dance communities there. She moved back to her hometown of Aiken, SC, in Fall of 2014. Catherine is now learning to lead and to teach Argentine Tango with the Augusta Tango Club.  Click here