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OMG Tanda Contest

OMGTrophyFor the Augusta Tango Marathon, we are having a

==>OMG Tanda Contest for Friday’s milonga.  

Ladies will have 1 OMG tanda chip.  We will have a container with the names of Male Leaders that have purchased a full Marathon pass.   ==>   Ladies YOU vote for the leader that gave you an “OMG tanda” by placing your chip in the leader’s container at the end of the milonga.  We’ll count up the leaders and refund the pass cost of the OMG tanda leader contest Winner!  Bare-in-mind, this applies to Male Leaders with a Full Marathon Pass only!   FUN begins April 24! 

$35/Male Leader pass still available!  

Augusta Marathon Registration

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For all Marathon information go to:  http://www.augustatangoclub.com/event/augusta-tango-marathon/

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