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Steve and Diane Neely


Steve & Diane Neely

Steve and Diane Neely  In the late 1990’s, while working in Puerto Rico, Steve encountered Salsa.  Diane had wanted him to start dancing for years, when he saw Salsa he got interested (“I don’t know what that is but if I’m going to dance—I want to do that”).  Back on the mainland, Steve and Diane became regulars in the local Salsa scene.

They began their interest in Argentine Tango a few years later at a local Ballroom Studio.  Then a trip to Honolulu, Hawaii taking classes with George Garcia opened their eyes to the greater world of Argentine Tango.

Subsequent trips to workshops in Atlanta, and to milongas in Atlanta and New Orleans, set in motion a journey that continues today.  In the past 10 years, Steve and Diane have received instruction from teachers via private lessons as well as at tango festivals and weekend workshops in Denver, Tucson, Atlanta and others.

Exploring the greater world of tango lead them to receive instruction from Rick and Linda Wilson (Atlanta).  Their most important mentors were Barbara Durr  (Washington D.C.) , Angel Montero  (Atlanta), Enriqueta Kleinman (BA),  and Susana Miller (BA).  Their dance has also been heavily influenced by Alex Krebs (Portland), Robin Thomas (NYC), Brigitta Winkler (NYC, Germany), Hsueh-tze Lee (Boston), Tomas Howlin (Montreal), and many others.  Diane and Steve have considerable experience dancing in milongas across the nation (particularly Portland, Seattle, Tucson, Boulder, Denver, Miami, New York, and New Orleans).  They dance regularly in milongas across the Southeast US.  They have traveled internationally as well, receiving training and attending milongas in Brisbane and Sydney, Australia, Dublin, Ireland, Vancouver, BC, Victoria, Vancouver Island, Bogota, Colombia, Amsterdam & El Corte Netherlands, and, of course, Buenos Aires.  Teaching and DJing in Georgia, South Carolina, and Wellington, New Zealand.

They have perform and demonstrated Social Argentine Tango in several local events including Augusta Hispanic Festival, Fort Gordon, and Arts-in-the-Hearts among others.  Their most recent demonstration is with the Athens Tango Project at the Morris Museum. 

They strongly believe musicality and technique is the key to creating a social dance.  After 12 years of dancing and teaching Argentine Tango, they remain dedicated to growing social Argentine Tango in Augusta/CSRA and across the Southeast Region.