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Ways to learn

Instructional Videos both purchased and free on the Internet
Beginning dancers usually are looking for steps. They want to seem competent in their dancing. There are many ways to learn Argentine Tango steps. Youtube.com is a great resource. Many instructors provide summaries of their classes and workshops. Search youtube.com for Homer Ladas, Oscar Casas, Jennifer Bratt, and many others.

==> Clint Rausher of Tango Evolution in Atlanta has built a fantastic web site full of information. I particurlarly like the tanda section for new DJs


You can also buy instructional videos. A very good link to resources is
There are many good quality videos on the market. However, we like:
with Christy Cote and George Garcia. We particularly like the followers and leaders technique DVDs. These are excellent quality. However, their explanations are illustrated as leader and follower steps. As you mature as a dancer, you need to concentrate on the technique to create the steps. Christy Cote and George Garcia do explain good technique but it is sometimes subtle. A good instructor should be able to not only explain the step but also explain the technique that creates the step. If your instructor is only showing you steps, they are probably training you to come back for more and of course charge you more money. Therefore, making you dependant on them for more. We recommend students get instruction from a diversity of instructors. You will find the style or movement sequences you like. This will help you be ready for any style and situation. This will expand you dancing understanding and enjoyment.

Another excellent Alex Krebs Iphone or Ipad app.


Good technique and musicality are the keys to Great Social Argentine Tango Dancing. By far, most milongas world-wide will have a DJs playing classic or “golden-age” music recorded from the original orchestras. The ideal in any dance and ,particularly, Social Argentine Tango is the couple personifying the music. Rather –> you can see the music in their movements.
We have yet to find instructional videos that explain musicality. Since social Argentine Tango is based on connection and musicality you will need a skilled instructor for this.
We plan on providing good technique instructional videos online during the summer.
Styles of Argentine Tango
Social Argentine Tango is like other dances in that it’s not just one dance. Each style does have similar foundations. Most social AT dancing can be broken down to open or close embraces. We recommend searching this subject. Read the material. Then do a search on Youtube.com. View at least 3 demos of each style. This will give you an understanding for further learning. One resource is
Argentine Tango Music
We find the dance to be very creative and flexible. Therefore dancers can dance to a wide variety of music. However, our experience is that most AT milongas will have classic music. This is music by the original orchestra leaders and singers. (30’s, 40,s and 50,s). To the untrained ear this music may not seem attractive. Learning classic AT music is really like drinking coffee, in a way, you learn to love it. It’s very rich and emotional. Most DJs, venues, and instructors respect the traditions and culture of the dance. Good musicality is one of the foundations of social AT dancing. Being familiar with classic music will enable this process. Learning and understanding traditional music in your dance will enable greater dancing in the future.
Once again search the subject via you favorite search engine. This is an excellent resource: