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Wine and Tango


Aww fall. There are many things to love about fall. Its sweater weather, its pumpkin flavor everything, and it’s the chilly nights wrapped up in a blanket on the porch with your lover.  Now, although all those things are amazing, there is one more thing I can add to my “love fall list”, and that being, tango. J

A few weekends ago, I had the pleasure of attending a wine tasting milonga hosted by Impulse Tango and his wife Kim. We were located out in the beautiful country-side of North Carolina, surrounded by tree-houses and muscadine vines; at a place they appropriately call “Tree14606516_10155237117633943_8655735934619692478_nhouse Vineyards”.

We couldn’t ask for better weather. There was a nice breeze and an abundance of sunshine this day. The afternoon started with the wine tasting – with most of the wines being made by muscadine grapes. The staff was professional and courteous and held a lot of knowledge about this type of wine. Personally, the wine was a little sweet for my taste – I tend to go for full-bodied wines such as cabernets. Nevertheless, I felt the wine tasting was a success. Once the tasting had convened, the music started.  Oh, when the music starts, your eyes widen, your butterflies start fluttering, and your heart can’t help but sing.

This day was special because it debuted Impulse Tango’s new floor he mastered himself. The floor was absolutely exquisite. The floor came in pieces with an innovative way of connecting the pieces together, and the great thing about this is, never once did I feel the cracks between pieces (good for us ladies and our heels 😉 )

This milonga overall was ve14639749_10154080624761295_3849026258228313317_nry special to me because some of my good friends had the opportunity to join in. Some friends that had some tango experience and some that had none, but had an interest in the dance. Tango is wonderful when you do it for yourself, but when you get to bring other people into this mastery of a dance, that is when the true reward comes.

“The great thing about new friends is that they bring energy to your soul.” – Shanna Rodriguez

I feel for every milonga I go to, I walk away with more knowledge about tango. This particular milonga, I learned that sitting and looking for a cabeceo isn’t as effective as I initially thought it could be. At first I was confused as to why I wasn’t getting cabeceo’ed as much this day. I first thought it was because of my level of dance. But then later learned that the most effective way to get dances is to get up and socialize with everyone. And I did just that. I walked away from this milonga feeling happy and energized by the tandas I had the pleasure of participating in.

This milonga goes down in the books for sure. How could you not enjoy wine, good friends, and the feeling and connection?

Besos. Mi corozon. Mi sentimiento. Mi Tango

-Ciao XOXO

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